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Safety and security of our patients, consultants and staffs are one of the important aspects at our Centre. Among the safety devices installed at our premises includes:-

  • - CCTV
  • - Call bell (Dialysis Chairs, Patient's room & toilet)
  • - Safety grab bar in the bathroom
  • - Firefighting devices
  • - Exit signage
  • - Fire rated door


Patients Safety Goals are the utmost important training which are compulsory to all staffs. We are committed to ensure the best practice are adhered to and significant effort are taken for the safety of our patients and care givers.

Patient Safety Goals No.1     :     Identify patients correctly

Patient Safety Goals No.2     :     Improve effective communication

Patient Safety Goals No.3     :     Improve the safety of high alert medications

Patient Safety Goals No.4     :     Ensure right site, right patient, right procedure surgery

Patient Safety Goals No.5     :     Reduce the risk of health care associated infections

Patient Safety Goals No.6     :     Reduce the risk of patient harm from falls


Improving care through EPEEP, structured nursing round. EPEEP was implemented to ensure that structured nursing rounds are conducted, frequent checking on patients and to ensure the fundamental care needs are met.

Explain/Observe : Explain task and general observation to patient

Pain/Comfort (position)     :     Assess patient's pain/comfort level; reposition patient if required

Elimination     :     Offer elimination (toileting) assistance if required

Environment     :     Ensure common items are within reach; bed at its lowest, wheels locked and side rails up (if required)

Plan of Return     :     Before leaving, ask patient if there's anything else you can assist with; inform patient on next planned activity

c) Fire Safety Awareness, Fire Drill and Emergency Code Drills

In addition, all staffs are trained on Fire Safety Awareness and involved in Fire Drill which was conducted yearly. The building was also been certified and license by authorities and hold a valid operating license from Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

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